Friday, July 16, 2010

the never ending bathroom.....

Do you ever have a project that you feel are never are going to get done???? I do and it my
upstairs bathroom.....I found a deal on craigslist for a vanity and my hubby and I took a look at it this morning and we bought it..$55, it white with beadboard trim and with the new top we bought at Lowes a couple weeks ago it should be beautiful!! (now just got to convince the hubby to help install it sooner rather than later.....)
We are enjoying summer around here and enjoying the garden (I have eaten atleast a dozen cherry tomatoes in the past couple days) and even have the radio playing day and night to keep the MOOSE out of it!! The moose came in and wiped out my cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprout and collard plants...some of them are going to survive some are not!! :( Oh, well guess maybe my hubby will get the electric fence up next year....
We had a wonderful evening, night and morning all to ourselves courtesy of my Mom/Dad and sister, they took all the kids overnight so we could celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary!! It was lovely to go out to dinner and then to B/N for a couple hours then head was especially nice to sleep into almost 10 am this morning!! :)
Hopefully soon I will have some more pictures to show of the never ending bathroom and maybe a couple of our gold claim (we are headed out for a day trip tomorrow) .........

Friday, July 2, 2010


We have a very exciting weekend planned!!!
1st-My sister who just graduated from nursing school in Virginia and just drove for a month back to Alaska will be here!!!!
2nd- My brother and his wife and two kids are driving down
3rd- The whole family is renting a campground with pond, cabins, firepit, etc....and we are all hanging out all weekend together!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! (11 adults and 9 kids)
4th- can you tell we are excited!!!!!
The kids have been sooo excited that it wasn't too difficult to get them to help me clean the house so we can leave the house in some sort of order :)
So Happy Independence Day to Everyone and Thank you to all who have, are or going to Serve our Country!!!