Sunday, January 15, 2012

Airplane Cockpit Room

An airplane cockpit...... I had been wanting to fix up my son's bedroom!! So, I had all kinds of ideas, but thought I should check with our soon to be 8 year old son.. so when I asked him he as for an airplane cockpit room!! WOW! Not at all what I was thinking but thought that is a great idea!! So we took apart his bunkbed and I called my sister who has a TON more painting talent then me and asked her to come by sometime and help me :) So we have basically finished the painting but still have to put the bed together and lego table but we are 4 steps done about 3 more steps!! but here is the start of the transformation!! SORRY for the pics they were on my phone! Part ONE make the windows..
Part Two add some sky/horizons and black details:
Part Three add the airplane:
Part 4 Add the airplanes and runway:
Will post soon all the pics of the room redo!! :) Enjoy ~Fawn