Thursday, May 13, 2010

JJ's Headboard and bathroom part 1

This is part of the bathroom after 1 coat of cream paint (the previous homeowner left us a 5 gallon bucket of this)......we still plan on
1. Change lights out
2. Remove the ugly oak toilet thing and put a white storage thing there
3. Sand and paint all trim a bright White
4. Finish tiling around the tub...

This is the BEFORE!!! Notice Pink Ceiling..Floral Wallpaper...Green and Dark Green Textured walls...hollywood lights....oak....oak and more oak...

This is JJ's Bed with the new headboard up and his full bed..We still have to put his bed on risers
so it will fill in the gap between the bed and headboard.....

He likes it :)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kids Bedroom..Joy's bed....Take 2

Here is the AFTER of Joyelles side of the room with JJ's old twin bed that I put some watered down black latex paint over to darken it and make more chocolate brown...some pink Uppercase Living polka dots.....and some strawberry shortcake sheets with her PB quilt.....I am going to redo her canopy with a crown (found off etsy) with more polka dots and I have moved her name to the end of her bed.....

Another can see her old bed (toddler/crib that is now moved to Savannah) in
the background....

Here is the BEFORE!! ( this is before I rubbed on the black watered down black latex paint)

She loves it and that is what matters most!!!

I am also working on JJ's full bed...made half of the headboard today and hopefully will finish it tomorrow....


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kitchen Part 2

Please note: This Kitchen is FAR from a show stopper.. It is just some minor fixing before I have to do a major kitchen remodel....mainly to make things atleast a little more presentable!! :)

This is the shelf.....with some things added..

This is the corner of the kitchen on one of my 3 different types of countertop (this being a sheet of lineolum) and some freshly baked cinnamon rolls cooling :)

A closer look at the stripe...

Well, I finished up the stripe in the kitchen and then decided I need to stick up a shelf above the sink.... there was a shelf when we bought the house, BUT it wasn't actually attached so when my little boy reached up to grab a all came tumbling needless to say I actually screwed this one to the wall and to the shelf!!!

No, it is not perfect, but neither am I so I think it is just right :)
PS. We are now also doing a minor remodel in the bathroom so I will update you on that too...bathroom half painted...exhaust fan ready for a facelift...and new lights picked out..
new vanity top and faucets picked out....nothing bought but all in the works.....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kitchen....Part 1

This is The AFTER!!

The stripes are in...silver on top and black on the bottom and red paint inbetween..
Silver is 1/4 in. and black is 1/2 in.

This is the red stripe I painted....see my lines... not so pretty :)

This is the BEFORE!! (yes in the after I did move the cabinet and shelves closer to the wall-part 2 will show why :) )

This is the packaging for the stripes...see the picture of the car...told you it was Auto pinstripes :)

Ok, so I got this crazy idea to add auto pinstripes in my kitchen...
So I am going to show you some pics of the before and after...the dining area is basically done..
haven't tackled the actual kitchen that is why this is only Part 1 :)
Please tell me what you think :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Kitchen Paint and auto pinstripes....

Ok, I couldn't sleep real well last night so I laid in bed thinking... which if my husband could here my thoughts about our kitchen he probably would be scared... Well, when his alarm went off this morning at 5 am I decided to try something...

Leftover creamy white (previous owner left it)
Red Craft (from our paint stash)
Paint brush/ (from our paint stash)
Auto pin stripes in black and silver....$6.00

I have started it and it is already looking pretty cool!! Will post pics as soon as I am done...We can't afford a major kitchen remodel right now..but I am itching to do something to our kitchen....and do it extremely CHEAP!!
So....that is all I am saying today...if everything goes right I should be able to post pics on Wednesday!! :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

What can you buy with a penny.....

I am very excited hubby and I went to HD while the kids were in ballet and we found the best deal ever!!!! In a clearance basket, a exterior light for our front door....for 1 cent...yep you saw that right a PENNY!! It was $64.98 regular maked down to a penny!!! So, I am now going to wait patiently for my hubby to install it :) (sure beats the ugly motion light now)
oh and we stopped by Lowes, for my hubby to check out a price and we ended up finding our door bell and door chimes...for $ not a penny but still way cheaper....Ok...thats it....I know you probably didn't care..but as soon as my hubby gets them up..I'll take some before and afters and post them :) I was just too excited so had to tell you :)