Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kitchen Part 2

Please note: This Kitchen is FAR from a show stopper.. It is just some minor fixing before I have to do a major kitchen remodel....mainly to make things atleast a little more presentable!! :)

This is the shelf.....with some things added..

This is the corner of the kitchen on one of my 3 different types of countertop (this being a sheet of lineolum) and some freshly baked cinnamon rolls cooling :)

A closer look at the stripe...

Well, I finished up the stripe in the kitchen and then decided I need to stick up a shelf above the sink.... there was a shelf when we bought the house, BUT it wasn't actually attached so when my little boy reached up to grab a all came tumbling needless to say I actually screwed this one to the wall and to the shelf!!!

No, it is not perfect, but neither am I so I think it is just right :)
PS. We are now also doing a minor remodel in the bathroom so I will update you on that too...bathroom half painted...exhaust fan ready for a facelift...and new lights picked out..
new vanity top and faucets picked out....nothing bought but all in the works.....

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