Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life...and some Chocolate.....

The canopy in Savannah's spot in or room
(I did it myself, embroidery hoop, pottery barn duvet and two cup hooks)

Joyelle's canopy with the fake vines on top...opinions????

JJ's fake canopy with a metal airplane wall art

Opposite wall of the kids beds did a couple new Uppercase Living
on some canvas..don't think I am done with this one..maybe some
polka dots....

This is JJ's ;)

Life sometimes gets crazy!!! I have had quite a month....the baby-Savannah fell right before Christmas and broke her wrist, Christmas, New Years, Joy's 3rd birthday- the baby fell again and this time a skull fracture (she is ok and it really doesn't even bother her),found out my little sister is prego with baby #2, baby Savannah turned 1, and Savannah's wrist cast removed!!
(Savannah is the third child and she is fearless!! and maybe a little accident prone)
So, what I am trying to say, life has gotten in the way of blogging....guess that happens sometimes... we have been working on the house some... the curtain rods are up in the living room, put some new decor in our master bedroom, made some canopies for the kids room and did some more organizing of the guest/craft room as in I finally hung up all my fabric...
I don't have any photos mainly because the baby is sleeping in our master bedroom and Joy is sleeping in her room.. and I really don't want to wake either of them up to take a photo :)
So, I will post this and then later today (hopefully) will get the photos of the new additions in our home...

Oh... I almost forgot... I made the most amazing Molten Lava Chocolate Cakes... I adapted the recipe from The Pioneer Women's blog.... here is my version
1 stick of butter
2 heaping T.of cocoa powder
2 T of canola oil
Melt all this in the micro. for 1 min. stir really well then micro for another 3o sec. Let sit for about 5 min. to cool a bit so eggs don't curdle
Add to this, stirring till smooth:
1/2 cup of sugar
2 eggs and 2 egg whites (adding one at a time and stirring really well)
then add 7 T of flour and a dash of salt
Pour into 4 really well oiled dishes (I used my little clear glasses from Pampered Chef-about 1 cup capacity)
Then bake in the oven at 425 for 13-15 min. it should be soft on top. Then invert on a dessert plate and eat with ice cream and choco. syrup drizzled on top or whipped cream or both!!!
My hubby thought they were so amazing and he really doesn't even like chocolate...

Updated: Jan. 31, 2010
Here are some photos of some more projects we have done on the house... ok mainly decorating projects.. :) gotta love decorating :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I've been published

Yep, you read that right...I have been published, not on the blog, just a recipe I made up for some yummy muffins. I made them about 2 years ago and they turned out really good and made them constantly for about 3 weeks, until my family would eat them no more....well, I saw an ad on Martha Stewart about readers sending in their recipes.. so I did... well I heard nothing more and low and behold about 2 months ago a food editor contacted me... she had made the muffins and wanted to put them in Martha's newest publication: Everyday Food. Of course I said "heck, yes" and sent them the necessary legal papers (ok they sent me something to sign and I did and sent it back). Well, since then we moved and our regular computer still sits on the computer desk, not hooked I realized that my recipe might be in the magazine by now...they had stated sometime between Jan-March... so here is the pics for the recipe.