Saturday, June 26, 2010

Number 4

Well, as I type this, I have baby number 3 crawling all over me while I lay on my bed basically flat so that way Baby #4 doesn't make me puke....Yep, I am officially pregnant with Baby #4, my hubby and I are very happy and feel very blessed!! We don't know exactly when the baby will be due, but as we always have our kids in Jan/Feb..we think this one will be born around the same time :) So, as I still try to spray paint (yes I am wearing a mask) and finish painting the bathroom, my time is going to be limited if this nauseousness doesn't go away...
Though we did do family photos yesterday morning and got back the photos today and LOVE them!!! I will post a couple so you can see!! I found my photographer on craigslist, and she was the right price and a wonderful photographer!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garage Sale Cleaning

Have to say I have a love hate relationship with Garage Sales...I love getting the money for them, but I hate the organizing, pricing, arguing with my hubby about the prices, the set up, clean up, etc....We did one this weekend..and I have to say my opinions haven't changed :) We did make a little money and got rid of some more stuff, but still have a couple tables full of stuff we need to haul to the reuse area at the dump (we accidently left everything out for the night and it decided to rain, so we are just taking the rest of it to the reuse area) So, I guess I will enjoy the money for a few minutes as we have already decided where it is going to go and be glad we are done with that for the summer and got rid of alot of stuff we don't need or use!! :) Oh and we did something fun after the yard sale, after we closed on Saturday, I put a posting on Craigslist that everything was free!! Yep, gave everything else away to the first people who showed up..did if for a couple hours and then deleted the ad, had about 5 cars of people show up and 1 family had just moved into town so they got some stuff for their new place, it was nice to give it to people who would use it and we don't have to haul it!!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Bathroom Saga

Well, I am still....painting the bathroom, it is taking forever, not because it is overly hard, just that the weather was beautiful so it has been hard to justify painting inside...Well, the weather has changed and has been pretty rainy so I now have the ceiling done and removed all the trim around the doors, floors,etc... so will try and finish the painting soon, though now I have a wedding 2 hrs away tomorrow, and friends are coming to stay with us until Wednesday....hmmm I think this bathroom painting might have to wait a bit once again.....oh well, I really am not in that big of hurry :) Except that I did find some Awesome artwork for the bathroom...Found a huge $10 white frame in clearance at Michaels and a cute poster at Joann's for $7 and they look sooo cute that I really want to finish so I can hang them up and found an awesome rug by Dash and Albert rug that would work PERFECT as a bath mat in there too, haven't purchased that yet, but hopefully soon :) Oh and I still have some amazing custom graphics from Uppercase Living that I really want to stick up too.....Guess I had better find some time to do some painting...oh wait, this is time I guess I should get off and do some painting so until next time......