Saturday, June 26, 2010

Number 4

Well, as I type this, I have baby number 3 crawling all over me while I lay on my bed basically flat so that way Baby #4 doesn't make me puke....Yep, I am officially pregnant with Baby #4, my hubby and I are very happy and feel very blessed!! We don't know exactly when the baby will be due, but as we always have our kids in Jan/Feb..we think this one will be born around the same time :) So, as I still try to spray paint (yes I am wearing a mask) and finish painting the bathroom, my time is going to be limited if this nauseousness doesn't go away...
Though we did do family photos yesterday morning and got back the photos today and LOVE them!!! I will post a couple so you can see!! I found my photographer on craigslist, and she was the right price and a wonderful photographer!!


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