Saturday, March 27, 2010


This was taken for realtor ads by our sellers realtor..stepovich realty... hope our garden
does that well this year :)

See our greenhouse in the top left corner...and the white picket fence
is the garden!! :) can hardly wait!!

We had a greenhouse when we bought the house last November...but as it was November in Alaska... the previous owner had just stuffed it with everything that was around the yard.. soooo fast forward to today and we decided to take a look at what we could find in there......well, we officially have enough plastic pots to start seeds to last the rest of my life and my childrens...a pool that is about 10 years old we will see in June if we can make it work... 2 Boxes of 6 bags each of Organic fertilizer!! (YES!! now that should save me a few dollars!)...1x3 boards.. tomato cages... bird feeders....and bird seed... balls..bats..plastic horseshoe game..2 hammocks (YES!!! can't wait to try those out)....tons of plastic hanging baskets (don't know how many of those I will use as she also left us about 10 wooden planters for the deck..)....6 green plastic chairs, 3 white ones and 2 side tables..a green umbrella for the table on the deck..and green/white cushions for the plastic chairs...ok, that is all I can think of right now, but I am pretty happy for the stuff we did find :) The greenhouse was about 65 degrees and it was 32 degreese outside.. can you say we are a tad excited for, ok we are VERY EXCITED FOR SUMMER!!!! Bring it on summer bring it on!!!!! Well, I really need to make some pizza dough for homemade pizza tonight.... so hope you are enjoying this beautiful Spring day!!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Homemade yummies and Spring...

I have been on a homemade food kick...homemade yogurt...homemade tortillas...I do usually make everything by scratch but not tortillas...well, I found it the Tasty Kitchen the other day..all things homemade and wanted to give them a try....well they are "resting" as I type but the yogurt I tried the other day was AMAZING!! So if you ever have a few minutes go to The Tasty Kitchen (it was on the Pioneer Women's blog too) and try some of their homemade recipes.... gotta love saving a dollar or two and having made something all your own. :)
Spring is here in Alaska... no that doesn't mean flowers and rain... that means brown grass and dirt peeking up from dripping gutters and sun sun sun!!! Gotta love it!! I am sooo excited for summer this year.... I think seeing our house in summer might have something to do with it.. oh and the tomatoes and flowers seed started in my living room and kitchen... I hope wherever you are you are in middle of your spring and enjoying it!!!
Update..about 30 minutes later.... ok the torillas are done and filled with beans, cheese and sour cream and in the oven! They turned out really good and will definently be making these again.. might try making a huge batch and freezing them for later. Also,while I was making them my little boy (6 yrs old) came up to me and asked what I was doing...when I told him I was making tortillas he said "Is that allowed?" I had to laugh and say of course it was which his response was "oh, I just never knew you could do that" I guess I need to make more homemade things :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thank you Rachelle

Ok, I added my before and after master bedroom project to a great blog-Rachelle's Fingerprints on the Fridge.... I honestly don't know how to link her blog to mine but to just cut and here is the link where she put a picture of my master bedroom redo... on her Feature yourself Friday... Thank you!! I am really new to this blog world and am learning something everyday!! You all in blog land are super talented!!! and very inspirational!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Changing Table Before and After

This is a close up of the AFTER antiquing :)

Close up of the mattress pad (it is just a piece of fabric I had used as a tablecloth and wrapped around the mattress pad....easy to remove when it gets dirty to wash...might one day sew it into a pocket, but who knows I might not :) )

This is the AFTER all done with a few baskets I had around the house
to hold all the stuff...

This is During the process and my kids helping :)

Before..... well kinda of during as I forgot to get a true Before :) oops :)

We receiveItalicd from some good friends a changing table and a convertible crib to full bed right before we moved into our home. I have been using the changing table and was thinking the orange paint just didn't fit my bedroom and wanted to do something to spruce it up.... so I thought some white paint and some sandpaper might do the trick... I wanted it to look antiqued/whitewashed so with the help of my two kids we got it painted and sanded and put back into my bedroom the next day.....
Love opinions....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ok, I know I haven't posted anything a few days.. ok a few weeks... but I have a good before and after coming very soon... I am in the middle of redoing the freebie baby changing table.....we got it from some wonderful friends along with a full size bed (that will soon be our son's bed) and it was painted a weird orange/peach color that I have been wanting to do something about!! So, soon very soon I will post some new photos of my newest before and after..... Here's to crossing my fingers and praying it turns out good :)