Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Changing Table Before and After

This is a close up of the AFTER antiquing :)

Close up of the mattress pad (it is just a piece of fabric I had used as a tablecloth and wrapped around the mattress pad....easy to remove when it gets dirty to wash...might one day sew it into a pocket, but who knows I might not :) )

This is the AFTER all done with a few baskets I had around the house
to hold all the stuff...

This is During the process and my kids helping :)

Before..... well kinda of during as I forgot to get a true Before :) oops :)

We receiveItalicd from some good friends a changing table and a convertible crib to full bed right before we moved into our home. I have been using the changing table and was thinking the orange paint just didn't fit my bedroom and wanted to do something to spruce it up.... so I thought some white paint and some sandpaper might do the trick... I wanted it to look antiqued/whitewashed so with the help of my two kids we got it painted and sanded and put back into my bedroom the next day.....
Love opinions....

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