Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kitchen remodel sneak peak!!

Yes, after 3 years of talking about redoing our kitchen we are finally doing it!!! So, we are knee deep in the remodel and my "kitchen" is still on tables in my entry way!! But after 3 weeks dealing with it, our dishwasher is now working and we have running water with new countertops and new base cabinets!! I want to do the whole before and after so I am showing you a sneak peak at the inside of a kitchen cabinet :) AFTER: BEFORE: Hopefully soon the flooring with go in, along with the beadboard and then paint!! :) ~Fawn

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Airplane Cockpit Room

An airplane cockpit...... I had been wanting to fix up my son's bedroom!! So, I had all kinds of ideas, but thought I should check with our soon to be 8 year old son.. so when I asked him he as for an airplane cockpit room!! WOW! Not at all what I was thinking but thought that is a great idea!! So we took apart his bunkbed and I called my sister who has a TON more painting talent then me and asked her to come by sometime and help me :) So we have basically finished the painting but still have to put the bed together and lego table but we are 4 steps done about 3 more steps!! but here is the start of the transformation!! SORRY for the pics they were on my phone! Part ONE make the windows..
Part Two add some sky/horizons and black details:
Part Three add the airplane:
Part 4 Add the airplanes and runway:
Will post soon all the pics of the room redo!! :) Enjoy ~Fawn