Monday, December 5, 2011

A story of a chair...

I was given this chair this summer when a friend moved to another state... It is not my style in color but OH MY is it comfortable!!! So it sat used everyday in the living room...but that color...I just knew I needed to do something....... 1st Attempt: I thought first to recover it but then thought that would take forever!! So, I planned on doing the Paint the fabric treatment... found some Fabric paint that says it will stay Soft (it was called Soft Fabric Paint) and tried that (it took 3 containers and the pink was still showing through) on one side of the seat cushion. It also took overnight to dry and was NOT soft!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd Attempt: So, tried a spray fabric paint which was $4 a can (with a 40% off coupon) and after using the whole can on one side of the seat cushion, it was Soft but you couldn't even tell I painted!!!! 3rd Attempt: Decided maybe recovering it with fabric wouldn't be too hard and in 2 hours I had it recovered and done!!! (with fabric I had on hand!! so FREE) Should of just done that to begin with!! I am going to get some buttons and put that through the seat back..but I think it looks a ton better and I did rip off the skirt on the bottom of the chair.. I am thinking this summer of painting it white...What do you think? Leave it or paint?? ~Fawn BEFORE: