Thursday, March 25, 2010

Homemade yummies and Spring...

I have been on a homemade food kick...homemade yogurt...homemade tortillas...I do usually make everything by scratch but not tortillas...well, I found it the Tasty Kitchen the other day..all things homemade and wanted to give them a try....well they are "resting" as I type but the yogurt I tried the other day was AMAZING!! So if you ever have a few minutes go to The Tasty Kitchen (it was on the Pioneer Women's blog too) and try some of their homemade recipes.... gotta love saving a dollar or two and having made something all your own. :)
Spring is here in Alaska... no that doesn't mean flowers and rain... that means brown grass and dirt peeking up from dripping gutters and sun sun sun!!! Gotta love it!! I am sooo excited for summer this year.... I think seeing our house in summer might have something to do with it.. oh and the tomatoes and flowers seed started in my living room and kitchen... I hope wherever you are you are in middle of your spring and enjoying it!!!
Update..about 30 minutes later.... ok the torillas are done and filled with beans, cheese and sour cream and in the oven! They turned out really good and will definently be making these again.. might try making a huge batch and freezing them for later. Also,while I was making them my little boy (6 yrs old) came up to me and asked what I was doing...when I told him I was making tortillas he said "Is that allowed?" I had to laugh and say of course it was which his response was "oh, I just never knew you could do that" I guess I need to make more homemade things :)


  1. How funny! I'm on a homemade food kick too. I just bought a bread machine off of cragslist for $23. Bought it Friday and have made 4 loafs of bread so far. My husband and I have decided we are going more organic. In fact, we just bought 6 chicks and 3 hens for eggs. Doesn't get more organic than that. I'm going to look for that tortilla recipe now. BTW, I live near the Pioneer Woman.

  2. Awesome!! We are actually buying some chicks this year too!! We had been wanting to but never had the space for it! This house already has a chicken coop and all fenced in.. just gotta wait for a little less snow :) so you must live in the country too then?

  3. Well, not exactly. LOL. We live in a small town where pretty much anything goes. Our house was built in 1901 and we are on two lots. The hubs is almost done with our coop. We got our first egg yesterday. Woot! Woot!
    I made the tortillas and they were a HUGE hit! Going to make some more to freeze.