Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kitchen....Part 1

This is The AFTER!!

The stripes are in...silver on top and black on the bottom and red paint inbetween..
Silver is 1/4 in. and black is 1/2 in.

This is the red stripe I painted....see my lines... not so pretty :)

This is the BEFORE!! (yes in the after I did move the cabinet and shelves closer to the wall-part 2 will show why :) )

This is the packaging for the stripes...see the picture of the car...told you it was Auto pinstripes :)

Ok, so I got this crazy idea to add auto pinstripes in my kitchen...
So I am going to show you some pics of the before and after...the dining area is basically done..
haven't tackled the actual kitchen that is why this is only Part 1 :)
Please tell me what you think :)


  1. Based upon your earlier post, I was thinking you were using the pinstripe paint on your cabinets. But since I'm an easy goin' girl and can easily adapt, I'm on board with this too. Looks good. I like it. I really did save one of the pictures you posted of a kitchen you liked. (the one with the red cabinets on the bottom) I'm going to do it to my cabinets in the summer, only blue instead of red. I will also start my blog in early June. See I keep four children during the week for two friends. It doesn't leave me much blogging time. When school's out, I'm home free and will blog my life away...

  2. ohhh...I see where you could of thought that...maybe will have to try that too :) Great idea on the cabinets white/blue, very classic! Looking forward to reading your blog!!

  3. Hey Fawn thanks for stopping by my blog! We did paint our cabinets. I used SW Gripper 2 coats and Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois 3 coats on the cabinets. No poly, I didn't want it to yellow!