Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kids Bedroom..Joy's bed....Take 2

Here is the AFTER of Joyelles side of the room with JJ's old twin bed that I put some watered down black latex paint over to darken it and make more chocolate brown...some pink Uppercase Living polka dots.....and some strawberry shortcake sheets with her PB quilt.....I am going to redo her canopy with a crown (found off etsy) with more polka dots and I have moved her name to the end of her bed.....

Another can see her old bed (toddler/crib that is now moved to Savannah) in
the background....

Here is the BEFORE!! ( this is before I rubbed on the black watered down black latex paint)

She loves it and that is what matters most!!!

I am also working on JJ's full bed...made half of the headboard today and hopefully will finish it tomorrow....


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