Monday, May 3, 2010

Kitchen Paint and auto pinstripes....

Ok, I couldn't sleep real well last night so I laid in bed thinking... which if my husband could here my thoughts about our kitchen he probably would be scared... Well, when his alarm went off this morning at 5 am I decided to try something...

Leftover creamy white (previous owner left it)
Red Craft (from our paint stash)
Paint brush/ (from our paint stash)
Auto pin stripes in black and silver....$6.00

I have started it and it is already looking pretty cool!! Will post pics as soon as I am done...We can't afford a major kitchen remodel right now..but I am itching to do something to our kitchen....and do it extremely CHEAP!!
So....that is all I am saying today...if everything goes right I should be able to post pics on Wednesday!! :)


  1. Gonna hold you to it.

  2. Well I took if I can just find my camera cord so I can download them :) I only finished the dining room side..but I like!!