Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More projects.....

Ok, Have you ever heard the saying "finish one project before you start the next."
Well, it is a good idea, but I have a really hard time accomplishing it... :) I did finish the dresser redo (and I do have pics and will post as soon as I can get my sister to email me her before pic from her camera) and have started primering the bathroom closet doors and vanity... BUT I found today on CL an awesome 4 poster pineapple twin bed for $30 and a HUGE Heavy mirror for $25... I am going to prime and paint the bed and mirror... My son wants the bed to be Blue, but I am not sure yet...I will see, I'll prime it and then see if maybe an antiqued blue bed might work... The mirror I want to antique the frame and have some awesome vinyl I want to put on it, for our front entry.. sooooo hopefully soon I'll be back with some before and after pics!! :)

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