Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kitchen Before and After

Wow, didn't realize I had taken a year off blogging I guess life gets busy :) Well, things have progressed in our home...we remodeled our kitchen!!! Here is our BEFORE: (I know UGLY!!)
Here are our AFTER:
What we did... 1.Removed old tile and replaced with Vinyl planks. 2.Patched floor since it was uneven. 3.Fixed sink drain and plumbing issues. 4.Updated Electrical. 5.Painted walls. 6.Put Beadboard Paneling around and painted. 7.Made countertops from laminate sheets/plywood. 8.Used stock hickory cabinets to build a 7 ft long island with seating for 7 and storage!! LOVE IT!! 9.Used craigslist black cabinets for upper cabinets. 10.Bought new stock hickory cabinets for lowers and pantry. 11.Trimmed cabinets, and beadboarded backs. 12.Raised all lower cabinets to our height..4 inches higher than standard. 13.Built shelf over door frame to put my cookbooks and such. 14.Build box to house vent hood. 15.Beadboarded the sides of upper cabinets. 16.Beadboard the backsplash and paint white. 17.Paint back door with spray paint...NEVER DO THIS IN THE HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER!! 18.Replaced countertops, sink, faucet. 19.Put new knobs/handles on cabinets 20. Clean clean clean Total cost $3500 and still need to put kick plate in and beadboard ceiling and replace lights with more farmhouse look lights... We (my husband and good friend, Nathan did the work, I helped as much as possible) I absolutely Love my kitchen!! I am in it what seems like from morning to night and still love it when I turn off the light..


  1. Wow! What a beautiful change! I bet you are loving it! Great work Fawn! :)


    1. I LOVE my new kitchen!! It is a long awaited dream come true!!