Friday, January 21, 2011


Well, I found a new food blog yesterday...its called Beat Until Fluffy and OH MY GOODNESS are the recipes yummy looking...
Well, on the home page were two pumpkin recipes I had to try, one is called Harvest cake (a pumpkin coffee cake)

and Pumpkin Cookies.

I tried those and they turned out delicious!!!
So, I am now onto the homemade Pretzels (these are just coming out of the oven so no pics yet.) I just had to tell you to check out her blog, you will definently be inspired to bake and she has very easy to follow directions!:)

PS. I also made my own Vanilla Extract in October and it is now ready to use!! (I honestly have been using a few teaspoons out the past month) It was only Vodka and 6 vanilla beans (split open) and stuffed into the vodka, set on the counter in a dark spot for 3 months and now look at the color....and it is YUMMY!!!

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