Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Close...

Ok, so I haven't posted anything this year yet, so thought I would say a quick
not to what is going on...
1. Have 4 weeks left before baby #4 makes his appearance so am getting more and more uncomfortable by the day...
2. We have done some more on the upstairs bathroom, we have put some tiles on the stairs (the peel and stick variety)
3. ok...I guess that is it :)
We are back in the swing of school time (I currently homeschool our 1st grader and pre-schooler) so that is consuming alot of the time, when I have energy to work on the house...other than just trying to keep up with laundry and dishes and the cleaning :)
Hopefully, we will completely finsh the upstairs bath and get the shower dowstairs working before the 4 week deadline!! I am really hoping so!! Even have a good friend telling my hubby that he will help him install the kitchen cabinets...that sure would be nice to have that done too..but honestly I doubt that will happen :)
Well, hopefully in the next couple weeks I will have some finished pics of our bathrooms!!
Enjoy your January 2011!

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