Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year and some Progress....

Well, I am finally getting a couple pics of the bathroom changes we have done...I don't have the best pics and we are still in the process of updating the bathroom but wanted to share a few things we have done in the past couple weeks...


These are the changes we have done!!
1. Painted stripes (wainscotting level) around the bathroom and a single strip on the top where it meets the ceiling.
2. Painted almost EVERYTHING that was oak (or fake oak) to a bright white
3. Painted all the walls and ceiling a cream color (it was pink, and 2 shades of green)
4. Installed new lighting above tub and sink
5. Installed new cabinet knobs (the cutest litle Starfish)
6. Hung our inspriation picture for our bathroom (Coastal theme)
7. Removed all the trim around the whole bathroom and in the process of priming/painting it.
8. Took down the various colored outlet/switch covers and put new decora white switches
9. Hung Medicine cabinet (freshly painted white) and a storage cabinet above the toilet


Note: There is 3 different types of TEXTURE on EACH WALL!! Where the border was is a smooth texture, right below that is a Horizontal linen/orange peel texture and about 1/3 up the wall to the floor is yet another texture (and it is more of an orange peel texture) It is REALLY weird to have that many textures but that is why we are doing the stripes to kinda of hide the fact we have sooo many textures...

What we have left to do:
We still need to finish the trim, do another coat on the stripes, put the shelf up next to the tub, hang up some art I bought in Hawaii, finish the stairs and beadboard that goes around the tub, put up some Uppercase Vinyl and finish painting in the magazine storage cubby next to the toilet and install NEW toilet....but we are making progress so that is all that matters right now :)

OH and here is the update on the craigslist mirror, that I redid:
1. Painted white with Bin Primer and then white paint and then another layer of Black paint and Rubbed edges to give an antique look
2. Put on Uppercase Living saying "Make yourself at HOME" the only thing is I think the E on the Home is going downhill, so I might buy another E and fix it, but so far no says anything until I point it out....but they could just being nice :)


Well, Happy New Year to everyone and be safe!!
See you Next YEAR!!

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