Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets

Well, I am very happy to say we have bought our kitchen cabinets for our kitchen!!! When we bought the house we knew we would have to redo the kitchen as the cabinets were falling apart and had holes in weird not convenient locations... but I had been looking at craigslist off and on all year and watching to see if I could find a deal...I saw about a week or so ago some cabinets with an antique black finish, that I thought were pretty but way over my budget at $1900...well a week later they were marked down to $1000, still over our budget but I convinced my now laid off hubby to atleast take a look at them.. Well, we both liked them, they were older (10 year) oak cabinets that the seller had personally antiqued black and they looked cool. She was pretty firm at $800 and we had in our heads that we could ONLY pay $500 as we really didn't even have that...but she texted me back and decided yes she could take the $500!! So, YEAH we are going to get new kitchen cabinets!!!!!!!! (ok not new but new to us)

So, I am attaching the photo she had put on her ad from craigslist to give you an idea on what we they look like....it is going to most likely be a project for after the baby is born, but one can only hope by chance we will be able to do it before.... one can dream right :)
Please check them out and let me know what you think!!!! Also, what you recommend for a color of countertops....

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