Monday, February 21, 2011


Ok, Now I do live in Alaska and Yes I do get a white Christmas EVERY year!! and we do get lots of snow, but we were Dumped with snow yesterday and guess is snowing again!!! We got about 6 inches on Sunday during the day and then we went to bed and in the morning we had another 12 inches of snow and the wind picked up and was making it look like we live in the midwest!!! Nothing against the midwest, but here in the middle of Alaska we Rarely see a wind and the most is usually 5-10 mph not gust up to 30 mph!! So, I thought I would take a couple pics of the snow and post them and maybe a before and after too :)
Oh and baby Kenan is growing and doing great!! I am healing and just enjoying being home from the hospital!! :)
BEFORE (summer 2010):

After (Feb. 2011)

Before (taken spring 2010)

After (Feb. 2011)

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