Wednesday, February 9, 2011

some inspiration and a due date

I am 5 days and counting till baby boy arrives so I thought I would add some inspiration pictures...oh and the downstairs bathroom is coming along and my hubby keeps saying the shower will be working before I come home...He is soooooo close to having it done!!
So in the meantime... I will just add some inspiration......

Love the beadboard built in dining room!! (BH&G)

I really want this headboard in a green apple green color!!! (Jane Cosick)

Just love that the entry is so charming and practical (Pottery Barn)

Love the look of the black cabinets and the white contrast! (Coastal Home)

A Ross Chapin House that I would love to convert our home to resemble!


  1. Ross Chapin is our favorite! You might see the resemblance of our house to his cottages. We took alot of ideas from him.

    Blessings on you and your baby!

    Following along now.

  2. Kim!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! I have been watching your for a few weeks and have shown my hubby your farmhouse we both love it and how you have decorated it!!