Monday, April 12, 2010

Plants...and a Cold

Well, I haven't posted anything in awhile I am ...... funny how life just gets in the way of this blog...but as I am putting the baby down for a nap and she insists on me being in the room (ie..screams) then I am here on the lap top... we haven't done much on the house lately....just some family pics on the wall and rearranged the living room to discover I liked the original way better so rearranged it back...I have been doing some planting...tomatoes, onions, zinnia, vinca, sunflowers, lobelia, rosemary, dill, basil, hmmm think thats it.. The tomatoes and sunflowers are about 6 inches.. the rest about 2..they are now living downstairs in the bedroom/craft room in a nice sunny window and seem to doing well :) as long as I don't forget them and not water them...but being this is day 2 of them downstairs we will see.... I do have pics, but once again if I leave the room to download the pics, Savannah will start screaming and will have to start all over in getting her to sleep so instead you can just imagine the plants.....haven't we all seen starts anyways :) oh and I have a cold, thank you hubby and baby!! :) (I actually avoided kissing my hubby the past few days to make sure I wouldn't get the cold, but how can you not kiss your baby needless to say I know have a cold....)
Well, Savannah's eyes are getting heavy and in a few minutes I should be able to leave the bedroom.....we will see...................................

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