Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend..what weekend...

Funny how I look forward all week to the weekend...not because I get to do projects or because my hubby is home!! Though this weekend is going to be a busy one...
Ballet, land closing(sold a piece of property), baby shower, Ballet performance with the family, 6 yr. old b-day party, church, and a 3 yr. old, 1 yr. old and 35 yr. old birthday party!!! Whew that is going to be one busy weekend......oh and I still need to buy some birthday presents! I am actually looking forward to the parties!! If only my teeth didn't hurt...I have never had any probs with them but all of a sudden on Wednesday my jaw and teeth started really bothering me and it hasn't gone away....I HATE going to the dentist, but I am at the point I am going to have to just call and make an appointment.....Well, it is past midnight and I had better make myself go to bed or I won't be fit for all the parties this weekend :)
Have a GREAT and Blessed Weekend!!!!

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