Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a day....

Here are a couple Kitchen Ideas that I am in love with....
Please tell me your favorite!!!
#1: is from Coastal Living

#2: from Sarah Richardson's Cottage

#3: This one is from A Beach Cottage

#4: last but not least is from Better Homes and Gardens
Ok, it wasn't a bad day...it wasn't even an ok day... it was just a day... got to sleep in...got to eat lucky charms cereal for breakfast...and then spent 4 hours at a homeschool curriculum fair...and ordered all of NEXT years curriculum for my soon to be 1st grader!!!...yes, that means I am 4 months ahead of schedule!!! compare that to this year when I ordered his curriculum in September.. after school had already started...I am soooo excited and ready for next year... he wants to start now and forget the rest of kindergarten...gotta love that!!
Now, both girls are napping and I am wandering in blogsville and debating on how I should redo my kitchen....yes, I have the ugliest kitchen in the world!!....No, really I do....I have bright orange countertops, linoleum countertops and plywood painted black countertops...YES, 3 Different countertops...about 10 or so different size cabinets, all not even remotely straight, some with large holes in the bottom so I have to be careful what I stick in them....oh and my orange countertop is rotting away and has a huge hole next to the sink so everything drains down towards it and ends up in the sink cabinet.. oh and the sink drain isn't actually hooked up so it all drains into 2 buckets that I dump daily!! Oh, did I mention that the floors which are tile aren't sealed so every stain is permently on the floor!!
Ok, I was having a good day...Now, I am just sad about my kitchen.... I do have plans....lots of amazing ideas for my kitchen, then I look on blogsville and get even more ideas.... I will post a couple here...
If anyone reads this let me know which one you like....


  1. I l-o-v-e love the last one. In fact, I'm saving it to my desktop now for future reference.

  2. Thank you Fawn....that is funny, I have the original cut from the magazine too, have always loved it :)