Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oilcloth Dining Chair Slipcover

Well, I tried something I have never tried before...sewing with oilcloth (ie.vinyl with alittle bit of fabric on the back side of the vinyl).... and made another slipcover for our dining room chairs...
I had bought the red polka dot oilcloth for our old dining table and used it for awhile but it kept slipping on the table and the kids painted once on it and I couldn't get it off... so I had it sitting in the tablecloth bench for awhile and thought...I wonder if you can make this into a slipcover????
So, I gave it a try... It definently wasn't the easiest fabric to work with, but you know what it did work and I think looks rather cute.. I ended up using all the yard and a half I had for it to do the whole thing...
I think it will be easier to wash off when the kids get food on it then the dropcloth slipcovers and next time I will research a little more on what type of stitch I should use for sewing with oilcloth... the stitch I used have NO Idea what it is called but it was the one I used for the dropcloths and don't know how well it will hold up, I can see the white thread poking through already in a few spots...but atleast it is done and usable... :) It took me about 1-1/2 hrs to finish, that is start to cut to finish the knife think that is pretty good time wise..
Though it does make me think I should make more of them for the other chairs and who knows I might try and actually upholster the chairs instead of just doing slipcovers....

I only took the one photo and it was taken right after I finished and put it on the chair so it doesn't lay the flatest or have all the folds out, but atleast you get the idea.... :)

Oh, I did use the same pattern as with the dropcloths but I did add the top flap to give it more room, since oilcloth has NO give in it!!
Would love to hear your opinions on it.....and any suggestions...

The seams are coming undone where the seat back and the seat meet....and I also discovered I did NOT use the right type of seam...I guess I was supposed to use a long running seam NOT a hemming seam :) The good thing is I do have some extra fabric in that area so I should be able to fix it and not have to redo it..... :)

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