Friday, November 19, 2010

DIY Dining Chair Slipcover



Ok, I tried my hand at making a Dining Chair Slipcover! I have never tried making one or any type of slipcover so I was extremely intimidated by it. BUT Ana White from Knock off Wood Made it seem really easy so I gave it a try...I did NOT make her parson chair but I altered her measurement to fit my dining chair. It is NOT perfect but I am ok with it... I did use a drop cloth for fabric that I prewashed. I have 6 dining chairs without arms and 2 with arms so I have a LOT more to sew but atleast I know I can do it and I did this one all cut and sewed while my girls took their afternoon nap...Pretty happy with that!! :) I did have to do a little altering to the way she sewed it since the back was ending up way too long, but that is most likely my own fault with measurements not hers...Now I get to see if it will hold up to 3 kids and a hubby :)
Cost Breakdown:
Drop Cloth I had for another project but never used it (only used half of it)
Thread already had $0
Chair was FREE was given the dining table and chairs $0

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  1. I love this! Good job! The drop cloth fabric is so fun, isn't it? I keep waiting for the makers to raise their prices on the dropcloths because they know how addicted us decorating gals are to it.

    I did some slip covers a month ago out of cheapy linen knockoff on the bolt at Walmart. I preshrunk it. It still shrunk after I sewed it. And the kids DESTROYED it with dirty hands and flying food. I was glad I only made one slipcover when I discovered all of the cons. My heart would have been broken if I would have made all the slipcovers... and then they shrunk or stained.

    Try Scotchguarding THE HECK out of the ones the kids sit on? Or pull the slipcover off of the chairs the kids sit on? Or cover it with a towel?

    I don't know about you, but I read all these decor blogs and most of these women have a formal dining that they can decorate and make beautiful because no one uses it, much less little people. This is something I struggle with. I want so many things I see on other blogs, I have the skill to reproduce almost anything I see, but I am a mother of 4. And I expect that my things won't stay pretty for long. It's frustrating and endearing at the same time. ;-)

  2. I too do not have a formal dining room so these chairs will be used 3 meals a day and for school and projects. So, we will see how the dropcloths hold up... The second one is done but they are on the seats my hubby and I use...Good Idea on the Scotch Guard, will try that! I always love what people do with the decorating, but I have to be practical with 3 kids (soon to be 4) under the age of 6... :)

  3. I'm your newest follower! I adore this project... I'm considering re-upholstering our basement couch w/ some painters cloth. I have to tell you I'm a bit hesitant but on a shoe string budget, what do you do? you improvise right? LOL

    Please, follow me and tell me what you think of my projects to date...

  4. I am loving how the drop cloth is holding up...they are holding up much better than the oilcloth and so far I can get any spills out of it...I have now washed them once since putting on... I would say go for it!! I did use the thicker drop cloth material...I think they come in two weights... I check out your blog, but I keep forgetting to "follow" I'll go do that now ;)

  5. Awesome, may have to confer with you on slipcovers in the future!

  6. Dakota Transplant, You are welome to ask away...not an expert by any means but they are holding up really well and still plan on making some more...