Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 2 of under $250 a month

Today's meals and costs..
Strawberry and cream oatmeal .75

Sandwiches of pb and apple butter
(I used up some older buns) 1.50
Homemade yogurt 1.00
Homemade applesauce .50
Water and sweet tea

Homemade Korean Beef with brown rice 2.00
(I was given the 1 lb of caribou for letting a friend
borrow my meat grinder to cut up their meat) the cost was for the 3
cups of rice, Coconut aminos, sugar, onion and spices. I found the recipe on
Green peas 1.00
(I used whole dried peas that were soaked overnight then pressure cooked for
5 min. I bought a 25# bag and use it also to make pea sprouts for
sandwiches and salads.)
Hot Chocolate with eggnog .50
(I use a pre-mixed non hydrogenated oil hot chocolate mix and I found some
eggnog on sale for 1.00 at the grocery store, I did not use all of it only
about a cup and only a heaping Tablespoon per glass of mix)

Yesterday's leftover apple pie egg rolls with vanilla ice cream

Total cost: $9.25 for 3 meals and dessert for a family of 6

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