Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekends are budget busters..

It always seems to me that weekends break our budget! We get busy doing things and then its lunch or
dinner and everyone is hungry so out to dinner we go...

Friday night is homemade pizza night.. I make the dough while our 2 year sleeps.
By 5:30 I throw some cheese, onions, pepperoni, ham on it or whatever I have in the fridge that needs
used up. I have made up extra crusts and cooked them for 10 min so when I need dinner really fast I can
take a frozen crust out of the freezer and add the topping and bake at 350 til done. Or I make dough in
large batches and freeze, then let thaw all day in the fridge for dinner that night. I try to buy pepperoni
and Canadian bacon and freeze in baggies so I can just pull out enough for pizzas.
Cost for Pizza last night was $3.50 (.75c for crusts, .75c for toppings, 2.00 for cheese) I made the equivalent
of 2 Large pizzas and I had a few pieces left over (which was unusual).

Lunch was unusual as I made the boys baked potatoes but the girls and I went out to lunch. I haven't
taken the girls out on a date in a long time. We went to the Nutcracker than their favorite restaurant.
We splurged and had hot cocoa with our food and shared a big piece of chocolate cake. We budget $50 for
entertainment a month so we blew that whole month but it was fun and the girls loved it!
Cost for Boys: $1.50 (5 potatoes with s.cream and cottage cheese)

Breakfast: .75c as it was strawberry and cream oatmeal again (everyone loves this)

Friday's Total: $5.75 (not including the lunch out) for a family of 6 for 3 meals

We all slept in until 10 am!! I know crazy! We were very lazy and decided to just have brunch..we had
bacon cups..where you wrap a piece of bacon in a muffin cup then fill with eggs and bake for 30 min.
It was very yummy and super easy..
Cost.. $2.00 bacon (I used a half a slice per muffin)
0 eggs (we have our own chickens so I honestly don't know how much but I know not free :) )
$2.00 for a family of 6
I threw some chuck steak in the crock pot added some broth, spices and an onion and cooked while we
ran around and did our errands. Then when we got home I added a little sour cream and cooked some
noodles and threw a simple salad together. My family loves this simple Stroganof and salad for dinner!
Cost: 0 meat (a friend cleaned out their freezer and gave us some older meat but was still good)
0 broth was bones of various meat and I cooked down to make broth then frozen
.50c sour cream (I used about 1 cup)
2.00 noodles (I used 2 lbs. of egg noodles I buy these in 10# boxes)
1.00 lettuce (I used 1 head of romaine and 1 huge handful of spinach, I buy these organic at Sams)
.25 a carrot
.25 a little almonds, sesame sticks, sunflower seeds, sprouted pea sprouts
1.00 cottage cheese, homemade ranch dressing
Total $5.00 (I realize if you don't have free meat this will be more, but use the cheaper cuts of
meat and use it sparingly I used only 1/2 lb of chuck steak cut small)
Saturday's Total: $7.00

We had a quick breakfast this morning of strawberry and cream oatmeal as we were running a little late to church.

Ham, cheese and lettuce sandwiches with potato chips and a sour cream dip
6.50 (meat, chips, cheese and s. cream add up :) )

Ham, Egg, Cheese Burritos
3.00 (3 slices of ham chopped up, 8 eggs, a handful of grated cheese and a package of ww wraps)

Sunday's Total: $10.25

Grand Total for Friday-Sunday: $22.75 for our family of 6

Not too bad and have to say as I type this I am shocked this is less than it would cost for 1 meal out eating Pizza or our family to go out to McD.

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