Friday, December 13, 2013

More Meals...

Do you ever feel like you spend all day in the kitchen? I do some days but I am very thankful for my new kitchen so at least it's beautiful and I love my kitchen. Well, I am not exactly sure how many meals I am going to remember but I will give it a shot. I guess I need to start writing down exactly what we eat so I am not racking my brain trying to remember.
We had a big Breakfast as Daddy was home in the morning.. That means Eggs, bacon and hashbrowns and I am made a healthy version of shamrock shakes (milk, honey, spinach, ice and mint extract, blend and serve)
Cost: we charge $4 a dozen eggs so I guess I can use that price as my egg price... $4.00
I cut the bacon in half then fry, Our two youngest get 1 piece, older 2 get 2 and we get 3... $3.00
Hash browns (I buy bulk dehydrated shredded potatoes at $40 for 10lbs. which lasts us 6 months)...$3.00
Shamrock Shakes: $2.00
total..$12.00 for 6 of us eat
Lunch: was most likely sandwiches, I think it was ham and cheese with applesauce on the side..
Cost: $3.00 and $1.00 applesauce.... $4.00
Dinner: it was penne pasta with homemade tomato sauce with a red wine vinegar reduction and home grown brussel sprouts sauteed in a piece of bacon... cost $2.00 (tomato sauce I canned this fall and froze the brussel sprouts)
Monday Total: $18.00
Breakfast we had a new oatmeal (it was chopped apricots with vanilla powder) called Apricot and Cream Oatmeal...75c
Lunch we had pb & j sandwiches (homemade jelly)... $2.00
Dinner: it was store night so my business partner and I take turns making dinner and it was her turn so we potato soup
with cheesy garlic bread... Cost.$0.00
I did make a huge batch of homemade cookies so we had that for dessert.. $2.00
Tuesday Total: $4.75
Breakfast: we had Apricots and Cream Oatmeal...75c
Lunch: Potatoes with s.cream with Kiwi on the side...$2.50
Dinner: I had made a huge Cobb salad but my husband wanted to get the kids a treat so we picked up 2 orders of
Drunken noodles at a local Thai driveup to go along with it.. $24.00 (including salad)
Wednesday Total: $27.25
Breakfast: Apricots and Cream Oatmeal... .75c
Lunch: PB & J sandwiches $2.00
Dinner: Baked Potatoes with S.Cream,butter, Bacon and Cheese....$5.00
Thursday Total $7.75
Breakfast we ate Apricots and Cream oatmeal... .75c
Lunch we had fresh bread with honey butter and crackers and cheese and peanut butter... $2.50
Dinner is going to be PIZZA night but as we are having company we made a huge batch of dough and bought some more ingredients we don't usually have... $15.00 for 10 people
FridayTotal: for the whole week...$18.25

GRAND TOTAL FOR THE WEEK: $76.00 for 6 people and some company (family of 4) over on Friday..

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