Thursday, December 5, 2013

Girls room

The Girls room.... the girls room is really our son's room too..It is a shared room... :) Anyways...I have been working on it.. First, added some beadboard to 2 walls
Second, painted the beadboard a pastel pink
Third, paint over the stripes a solid cream
Fourth, Outline with pencil over 200 polka dots...
Fifth, Fill in polka dots with pink paint Sixth, Add the homemade initial letters
...still have to paint the baseboards, make a large canvas art and paper flowers, and some actual pictures taken with the camera NOT my phone. :) ~Fawn

I have now added our youngest next to the girls beds and have all three in a row. They did take longer to settle down tonight so we will see if it works out. We are trying to get our youngest to stop sneaking into his big sister's bed every night.

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