Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Home

Our First Home...isn't it pretty....Ok so it isn't summer anymore and we are now covered in snow...but look at those flowers..soon very soon it will be green again

Some of our plans:

  1. Re-side the house in Red Vinyl to match our two barns, chicken coops and goat pen
  2. Make our 1 car garage into a 2 car garage
  3. Turn the big barn into a shop for the hubby
  4. Add a strawberry patch to the garden
  5. Add raspberry plants to the backyard
  6. Fix deck and stain stair railings
  7. Buy hot tub for deck
  8. Redo roof by 2015

Inside plans:
1. Paint the Living room, Kids bedroom, Entry ceiling, Kitchen, Stairwell, Bathroom
2. Redo Kitchen cabinets, countertops and sink
3. Make a Pantry/Hutch in dining area
4. Finish Stairwell
5. Finish Downstairs- Flooring, Paint and electrical
6. Tile Bathroom surrounding tub and beadboard wall
7. Replace Toilet upstairs
8. Finish the 2 bathrooms downstairs
9. Finish Den/Office/School room
10. Fix the texture in entry and stairwell
11. Replace all door locks
12. Replace bathrooms fixtures and lighting
13. Take all brass hardware and replace
14. Repaint or replace all outside doors
ok, I am sure there are more to add but that will do for today....

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